[Event] Cupid's Valentine Party 15-Feb-2022

Day 5,200, 17:49 Published in Austria Austria by Rabbit of Caerbannog

Dear all,
In few hours party starts! 🙂

Here is info from the little pop-up, in hopefully more readable way 😉

Tomorrow I will update the article with more information, when we will know how many PP points we will have, and some other questions we may have.

Event / Weekly challenge info

Start 15-Feb-2022 D5201 00-00h
End 21-Feb-2022 D5207 23-59h eRep time

90.050 Prestige Points for PH medal
From 20k to 40k PP we get 20 bars and 1 key every 1k PP
From 40.5k to 80k - 5 bars every 1k PP
From 40k - 1 key every 1k PP
From 50k - 2 keys every 1k PP
From 60k - 3 keys every 1k PP
From 70k - 4 keys every 1k PP
From 80k - 5 keys every 1k PP

Special weekly challenge
Gathering the keys through the weekly challenge (2 waited for you on 14th of February, as a FREE gift from Plato, in the Special items)

Each Cupid’s Key can be used to open one Cupid’s Chest in the Gold Store.

Cupids chests
Opening will give you Bonbons, Gold and Gifts
(More information will be updated tomorrow)

Bonbons restore 10 Energy, and expire 2 hours after they are received.

Three different decorations, depending on the number of gifts sent.

At the end of the event (Day 5,208, 23:59 eRepublik time) all gifts will expire.

The remaining keys in inventories will be automatically converted into Gold (0.5 Gold for each remaining key).

All remaining Bonbons will be purged from the inventories on Day 5,209, 01:59.

How to open chests with keys you gathered

Navigate to Gold Store - https://www.erepublik.com/en/main/gold-items
Select Key (first tile on the left) and how many keys you want to exchange.

Cupid's Chest rewards probability

Probability of Gold rewards:
50%-1 Gold
25%-2 Gold
15%-3 Gold
5%-4 Gold
3%-5 Gold
2%-10 Gold

Probability of Bonbons rewards:
52.95%-10 Bonbons
24.65%-20 Bonbons
12.9%-50 Bonbons
6.5%-100 Bonbons
2.15%-200 Bonbons
0.85%-300 Bonbons

Probability of Gifts rewards:
50.75%-1 Gift
29.5%-2 Gifts
10%-3 Gifts
5.1%-4 Gifts
2.6%-5 Gifts
1.35%-10 Gifts
0.7%- 20 Gifts

A maximum of 250 chests can be opened at once

Event details by Plato

Source: eRep pop-up

Between eRepublik days Day 5,201, 00:00 and Day 5,207, 23:59 share the love in Cupid’s Valentine Party! and gather the keys he’s hidden in this Week’s Challenge to earn some amazing rewards.

Each Cupid’s Key can be used to open one Cupid’s Chest in the Gold Store.

Every time you open one Cupid’s Chest, you will get some Bonbons, some Gold as well as some Gifts. More details on amounts and probabilities can be found in the Cupid’s Chest Info Panel.

Bonbons restore 10 Energy, are highly perishable and expire 2 hours after they are received. Example: Citizen A sends a gift to Citizen B (offline). When Citizen B comes online, he will have 2 hours to use the received items.

Three special decorations are up for grabs during the event! In order to get them, you’ll need to send enough gifts to meet the required milestones.

FREE GIFT in the Store

Don't forget to go to the Store - Special items

and collect your free gift there 😉

How to "eat" bonbons

In case if you received gift with bonbons (or got some when exchanging your keys), you will notice they have 2 hour expiry.
You can "eat" them straight away, and use the energy later 😉

Step 1 > check in the Storge how many you have exactly

Step 2 > Navigate to the + to Add energy

Step 3 > Calculate and add the number of bonbons x 10 and write down manually into your energy refill bar on the top (e.g. I had 10 bonbons, so I increased for 100 energy in this example).

Note: automatically +10 is already added, so calculate -1 bonbon for exact number 😉

End note

Wish you all a happy Valentine's day, and those in front of us 😉
Feel free to write in the comments if you will have any questions, or want to share some advice 😉

Stay safe and well!
Your fluffy and still smiling aviatorine,
Rabbit of Caerbannog