[Event] Winter Sale and Winter Challenge 2021

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eRepublik Winter Challenge / Winter Sale

Dear all,

Special Winter weekly challenge with some special goodies started on D5145 - 21st of December 2021.

I will try to keep this short 🙂 but still, to put all the info and answer to questions you may have 😉

eRepublik Winter Challenge 2021

Start 21.12.2021 - D5145 00:01 eRep
End 27.12.2020 - D5151 23:59 eRep

Prestige Hunter (PH) medal is at 90.050 prestige points

Total of rewards in the Weekly Challenge:
90.050 Prestige Points
1182 Energy bars
410 Treats
260 Gifts
50 Energy recovery
30 Factory reset tokens
20 Moving tickets
100 Overtime points
1 Small bomb
10000 Storage
1 10% Air Deploy Rank Points Booster for 10 min
1 10% Ground Deploy Rank Points Booster for 10 min
3 50% Ground Damage Booster for 2h
1 50% Ground Damage Booster for 8h
1 50% Ground Damage Booster for 24h

Important notes:
After reaching 60k PP till 80k PP > 5 EB every 1k PP
After reaching 60k PP no more Treats
After reaching 80k PP > 5 gifts per 1k pp
20 gifts in the end of the challenge at 90.050 PP

Detailed list of the rewards can be found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1tu2B7tVotK-GlNXTJbZVMkLma3tqO6qLiPac8SIGzQg/edit#gid=1245637721
(Thank you Khotko! )

eRepublik Winter Sale 2021

Winter Sale event is on and you will receive 30% more for every purchase, together with Gifts

Start 20.12.2021 - D5144 00:01 eRep
End 21.12.2021 - D5145 23:59 eRep

Depending on the amount of euros you spend, you will get some gifts accordingly:
4 Gifts for 5 eur pack
9 Gifts for 10 eur pack
24 Gifts for 25 eru pack
59 Gifts for 60 eur pack
99 Gifts for 100 eur pack


Gifts are also gathered during the special Winter weekly challenge, and you can exchange, gift them, or even sell (as many shouts are related to this as well and this will be like this until they expire 😁
Note: Feel free to use this article and comments if you like, for your ads about exchange / selling / buying them.

Each gift consists of:
5 Treats (250 energy)
1 Gold
1 Snow Fight Token (3 minutes, and when activated it will be valid for all in your MU regiment. Gives 10% on the damage for that battle round/zone)
1 Prestige Point Booster (3 minutes, will give you additional Prestige Point for every 10 energy you use in the fight. To make the maximum, you can use them in EPIC fights in ground and air)

To get these goodies from the Gift Pack, you need to receive them from someone and then they will be ‘unwrapped’ in your storage.


Winter Challenge 2019 - https://www.erepublik.com/en/article/-event-winter-challenge-2019-2710237

Winter Challenge 2020 - https://www.erepublik.com/en/article/-event-winter-challenge-2020-winter-sale-2727911

Duration of those goodies from Gifts

Depends on when you will receive the gift. Those received today, D5144 will last till D5172 (3 min PP boosters and Snow Tokens) / D5159 (Winter treats)
Winter treats received on the D5145 will last till D5160.

Gifts from buying packs you can get by the end of Day 5151 - 27th of December 2021!

Important note: Gifts you should send by the end of Day 5172 - 17th of January 2022!

End note

Don’t forget - sharing is caring 😉
Surprise some dear people eHere with some gifts these days.. Is not all in selling and buying 😉

Wish you all to have fun and fuzzy warmth these days 😉


Still smiling, and sending you all a nice fluffy hug!

Yours truly,
Rabbit of Caerbannog