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Hello eRepublikans

Every year, we are celebrating the Anniversary of eRepublik. Today, we are closing 14 years, with many memories and battles to remember! The Event will be available for 15 days starting on Day 5,110, so we will have 2 Special Weekly Challenges.


As usual, we have a special Weekly Challenge starting with 0 PP and end's at 90k PP. Amazing coins are earned through the weekly challenge +200 via the Anniversary pack. This coins can be used to claim your rewards when you unlock a region. Also, need to mention that we are receiving 5 Energy bars after 40.500 PP till 80.000 PP and not 20 that we used to get in normal WC.. Now, from 80K till 90K PP we are receiving only Amazing Coins. This is actually unacceptable for an anniversary event.

A list from Curlybear

Total skip cost for all unlocks: 11,350,000.00cc
Total distance for all unlocks: 1021500 kms (The 10€ pack, will help you to earn 10k Travel Credits instantly)
Total Amazing coins for all unlocks: 2270
Total energy recovery: 140 energy/6 min
Total temporary energy center: 8000 energy
The permanent 280 energy center is located in Victoria in North America
There's a total of 500 gold on the map
The decoration is located in Pozo Colorado in South America (Cool Decoration, isn't it?)

Personally, i will start the travel from Culiacan, region of Mexico. Ofc, everyone can start from a different region, depending on his choice.

Total Rewards from Weekly Challenge

+50 Energy recovery
+862 Energy bars
+6 Factory Reset Tokens
+3 +50% Damage booster for 2 hours
+1 +50% Damage booster for 8 hours
+1 +50% Damage booster for 24 hours
+10.000 Storage
+4 Q5 Moving tickets
+1 Small bomb
+1200 Amazing coins
TIPS: You can claim your rewards at anytime you want before the event ends. A good tip is to unlock many regions and claim the rewards at the same time for better return to your account (Energy recovery, Bonus houses etc). The time that needs to unlock all the rewards is 14 days & 5 hours. So even if you play with money or not, you are able to claim all regular or extra rewards.
From the other side, to increase the Distance Traveled you need to move in different locations (Anniversary Packs helps you a lot), with currency or tickets. Distance Traveled and Coins get reduced when you claim the rewards.
In this link, you can check all the Rewards that can be earned from the Amazing Journey event here

In the Shop, you will be able to purchase the Amazing Journey XIV pack.

Include: x1 Extra rewards, +100k Distance Credits, +200 Amazing Coins, x14 Gold

As you can see, to claim the regular rewards (left bar with the decoration), it needs a certain of time (1h, 2h, 4h, 8h or 12h). After that, it will ask you to spend an amount of Distance & Tokens to claim it. The Extra rewards that you gain from the Anniversary Pack, give you the chance to claim the 2nd bar (right one) of the rewards. The second bar, doesn't need an amount of Distance Traveled or Coins. So yes, in my opinion, it's worth enough to buy the 10€ pack.
Also, if you want to accelerate your Journey, because you are running out of time, you can unlock a region instantly by spending an amount of curreny (do not suggest, it's expensive enough).

Winter Treats & Stingers, will be available till Day 5,132, 23:59

Annihilator can be used to create an Epic Battle, since they have influence and Expire on Day 5,147, 02:13.

The Blueprints (20 in total) required to unlock both of skins (Ground & Air) can all be found on the Amazing Journey Map



For those who deosn't know how the AN AMAZING JOURNEY event works, you can check here for more details:

Here is a helpful video by Clopoyaur

Day 5,123
Some hours before the Amazing Journey ends, we have the Power Spin! This, will be available for 2 days!

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