New Program: Voots Anti-Tax (VAT)

Day 5,074, 20:00 Published in USA USA by USA Department of the Interior

From the desk of Herr Vootsman – Interim Secretary of the Interior:

The Voots Anti-Tax (or VAT) is a brand new* program designed to get funds to you, the average American. Each day, there will be a shout on the national feed. This is a great opportunity to see what the current orders are, as they’ll be listed on the national feed as well.

Here’s how you get your money.

1. Be an American. If you’re not an American, then apply for CS and fill out this form:
2. Reply to the daily shout (you have to do this daily).
3. Wait for your free cash.

The amount of cash distributed depends on the amount of money available and the number of people requesting, and thus it will likely vary from day to day.
Currently, this program will be funded entirely by the Thee Dude Administration rather than via the Congressional Budget. Be sure to send him your thanks!

*any similarity to CRAP is entirely coincidental.