Cheap aircraft are finally here.

Day 5,055, 03:18 Published in Switzerland Switzerland by Joseph Rich

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Four weeks ago I purchased a Q5 aircraft manufacturing company in an effort to not only reduce the cost of Q5 aircraft for Swiss citizens, but to also provide high paying jobs that would support the Swiss economy.

Within three weeks of setting out to complete this goal, I have not only reduced the price of Swiss aircraft by 30%, but I have also made a significant impact on the global price of Q5 aircraft.

Global Q5 aircraft prices over the last 90 days.

Thanks to my competitive offerings taking place right here in Switzerland, the global price has dropped more than 15% with a declining trend that has recently plateaued. I expect global prices to hover around this mark for a while as the ARM industry starts to catch up.

Swiss Q5 aircraft prices over the last 90 days.

Swiss Q5 aircraft prices are at an all time low thanks to the low prices offered, with more revenue going towards Swiss coffers rather than overseas. We're producing around 40 Q5 aircraft weapons a day, which all sell through the Swiss market.

Unfortunately thanks to a lack of supply (and myself being on holidays) there was a short price hike. Because this lack of supply was temporary, I'm adding it as an anomaly in the data.
Swiss Q5 Aircraft production rate

Unfortunately production has been down the last few days because I've been unable to log in. However I'm proud to say though that I now own the largest company and industry in Switzerland! I've been on holidays and have had BARELY any reception. The great news is that my initiative is supporting 7 Swiss workers, paying 10% ABOVE the Swiss average. If you'd like a job, please make sure to click here.

All in all, I'm proud of the effort that I've put in to make weapons cheaper for Swiss citizens. Once production starts ramping up even further, I hope to supply citizens directly in order to cut costs and open up citizens' purchasing power. I've had around 6 Swiss citizens personally DM me already to ask for a supply, and all I can say is that it is coming friends!

So far I have profited around 85,000cc and have been reinvesting it all into grow wages further. I'm glad that we now also have a strong domestic production capability so that we can respond to any type of attack and arm our pilots should the need ever arise.

If you would be interested in starting up another Q5 factory to increase production with me (we can only realistically sell 50 Q5 aircraft on the Swiss market) please send me a message.

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All Hail Switzerland!

Yours Sincerely,
Joseph Rich.