The Celebration of 100k Strength & 400 Super Solider - Day 5,045 - Giveaway

Day 5,045, 05:33 Published in Greece USA by B I T E R I

Hello eRepublikans!

Today, i'm celebrating the 100k Strength & 400 Super Solider Achievements on eRepublik! After 3 years of activity, finally reached the goal and i was thinking to share it with you, by doing a Giveaway!

One lucky Citizen, will be able to get one Token Pack XS freely!

Follow the steps to enter the Giveaway.

1) Vote the Article (220 in total).

2) Endorse the Article with 100cc to take a number.

3) Write a comment to let you know witch number do you have.

The Giveaway will end at Day 5,052 and when it reach 220 votes in total.
Day 5,062
The lucky number and the winner of the Giveaway Token Pack XS is 104.

Congratulations Leader of Scorpions

As always, you can offer feedback by Endorsing the article and being Subscriber.