The Story of the Swiss Community (Please join the Discord!)

Day 4,972, 01:17 Published in Switzerland Switzerland by Joseph Rich

Ladies and Gentlemen,

eRepublik for a lot of us is the first online community we ever joined. My conclusion drawn from discussions over the years with hundreds of different players is that they found this game during their teen years and continued to play it as they aged. It's certainly true for me.

This article is part of a push I'd like to see from members of the Swiss community. A push to make our official discord sever active and to see more new people as well as our friends join!

As we've aged, our community has taken to methods outside of eRepublik to communicate and organise, especially in the early days when it was the only method of doing things in secret! First it was IRC which, sadly, seems to have died along with the majority of the older Swiss community.

Last night I rejoined our old IRC channel, #eSwitzerland, which was empty. The channel title still contained battle orders from Day 1,890, which evidently was the last time it was used. I remember many late nights with Rican, Monsieur Guillotine and Uros95 on that channel, as well as different interactions with many members of our community.

As those who were around at the time would remember, IRC was famous for such secrets as the "Graub-und-Run" plan which was devised by previous President (& Swiss Great). After months of Slovenian occupation, Walen organised an airstrike into Canada that would eventually save the nation for several months.

I also distinctly remember the French war when we won Alsace and Lorraine back in 2014. The organisation for this battle all took place over IRC, with then Minister of Defence Felllix and Rican distributing supplies and coordinating damage.

Upon returning to the game though, it seems these outside means of communication are all but lost.

Our beloved forums also became lost. It was here where Switzerland started to foster a growing community. The forums enabled us to be ourselves outside of the game - facades came down and friendships were made.

These outside community aspects of eRepublik were what made the game so amazing for me, so where are they now? Well, we do have a discord but it seems that no one knows about it or seems to care.

It's important that we foster a strong community in this game, as it will always be our friends that come to help us, not our enemies. I think it is imperative for every Swiss citizen to join our Discord and partake in the community!

If you're Swiss, or a friend of eSwitzerland, make sure you join the discord!

All Hail Switzerland!

Yours Sincerely,
Joseph Rich.