Campaign for 506 PP

Day 4,951, 17:09 Published in USA USA by Gnilraps

Do Something Great

Since March, 2021, The 506 has established itself as a top 5 party in eUSA. It did so through old-fashioned campaigning, recruiting, and messaging. In fact, among many who have walked the halls of government for years, what we pulled off seemed impossible. But despite all of Plato’s efforts to kill it, the game is not entirely dead yet. There is at least enough life and interest in eUSA’s community to lift a brand new political party into the relevant mix.

Aside from one small snafu involving a dastardly pickl, The 506 congressional caucus has performed admirably. We’ve introduced a couple of new players into Congress and we’ve sent seasoned veterans. Yay us.

My reason for writing this is to say that we can do even better.

As I was working on the party’s early media and message, I remember stressing the importance of having top political parties bear some responsibility for social engagement in eUSA. It’s sort of like the saying, “with great power comes great responsibility”. Being a T5 party isn’t enough. The 506 should be using its platform to make eUSA a better place.

But this is not an article filled with proposals for laws and policy changes. I am happy to leave the job of constitutionalism to our caucus. I am talking about the party as an entity itself.

I want to see a political party do something great for the community at large.

I want to see my political party do something great for the community at large.

Therefore I am running for Party President of The 506.

As President, should I win the vote, I intend to rally our membership into a series of abbreviated, focused activities. The result, I hope, will be fun for all eUSA and perhaps beyond.

So please vote for me in our party primary, and hopefully again on the 15th.