My Suggestions for Plato to save the game from dying

Day 4,949, 15:29 Published in Lithuania Lithuania by wittyprakash

My Suggestions for Plato to save the game from dying

1) Remove MP and IK packs

Remember the good old days when the players of erepublik was doing free marketing to get more users into erepublik just to win lower divisions? Well Plato ruined it by introducing MP and IK packs in the first place.

2) Strength balance

To do this first Plato has to do an analytics by taking the average strength of all paying users in the game. If this value is too large he should try to lower it as much as possible (by a strength reset - for eg. remove last 2 digits of the strength). This helps to earn more revenue for Plato because more users who haven't been paying before will start to pay to rank up.

3) Increase the bazooka's base damage to 100K from 10K

This will give some hope for low strength players to get some medals which gives happiness and stay in the game.

4) Lower work tax for q1 factories

Same and fixed work tax for both Q1 and Q7 factories is too biased towards older players. It has to be a percentage of production from the factory.

If the above change is difficult to implement then we can at least remove the work tax at least for Q1 food companies so that lower division players have a chance to self sustain in the game.

5) Bring back terrains

Life was much easier when there was a strength cap in each terrain. This will make low strength players to buy power packs.

6) Increase the cost of energy bars in the gold store

This helps to drain the gold from the game and hence more pack buyers.

7) Automatically credit 30% of treasury to low strength players based on kills

Most governments spend 90% of their budget for high strength players. This scales the high strength players faster than the low strength players which is not good for the community to expand.

8 ) Tax based on strength

Higher the strength, higher taxes for the players. This helps drain more cc from the game and hence more pack sales.

9) Divisions based on strength

Division 1: less than 50K str
Division 2: less than 100K str
Division 3: less than 150K str
Division 4: above 150K str

Divisions based on strength fixes a lot of things in game and provides a fair competition. Divisions based on XP is not fair because the damage in a battle depends on strength and not the XP.