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originally written ten years ago...

Congratulations to ALL of us !!!!
And...... even though this was all public, I bet we still took our enemies by surprise.
Some have said that The Grand Plan had little to do with our recent successes.
I beg to differ.
Countries that had previously not launched RW's were finally active.
What we wanted to create was an increased participation in resistance. In that I believe we were successful.
You can disagree, as several nonbelievers have... that is your right.
But we rather you would take a leap of faith and join our movement.



.............. the eWorld Coalition of Nations

eRepublik is the only political and social browser game on the net. There is nothing like eRepublik and thanks to it's political module eRep is a unique game and of course this is the reason why we all play eRepublik. There is no reason to play eRep for the war module. It is very simple indeed. The net is full of war games and most of them are better than eRep.

This is the main reason why a world political movement has to start and has to become the most important mission of all eRep players.
This movement does not exclude the war module but it makes the war module aimed at something different:
world harmony and cooperation !

Today there are endless wars in the eWorld, but is there really an important reason for those wars? The answer is no ! Every country fights for an ephemeral power that they keep for a few weeks and then they lose it and start again and again in a vicious and meaningless circle.

This type of game is also boring... which is another reason to start something new and exciting. The idea to start a world movement with a very important target like world cooperation would definitely be challenging and of course will give the players a new adventure !


1. The earth is one world, and its human beings must learn to cooperate with each other or perish.

2. Every people has the right to live in their own land of eBirth.

3. Every nation has the right to manage the lands within its original borders.

4. War is allowed as a last resort and only for defending the principles of peace.


1. To create the consciousness of eWorld cooperation and to foster friendship and harmony among all people.

2. To assure international justice and universal human rights by developing ways to preserve them, such as a federal eWorld council, with all the MoFA's of the eWorld, and with an eWorld peacekeeping force of individuals from all countries who would be dedicated to all of humanity and who would enforce eWorld law and the decisions of the eWorld court of justice by the most peaceful means possible.


1. To live peacefully as examples to all.

2. To promote and practice eWorld citizenship, and to work to organize an eWorld constitutional convention to plan the democratic institution of a federal eWorld council.

3. To create a common defense force at the service of the peace and by the orders of the federal eWorld council.

4. To communicate closely with all peace organizations and dedicated peace workers to facilitate the forming of a united worldwide network to bring about the establishment of eWorld harmony.

…And, of course we will need a forum. Well now we have one !

This forum is still in progress... it will probably always be in progress.

What' is needed is your input and your suggestions.
What is needed is your involvement.

We (those of us that have initiated this forum), have no particular desire to manage or control it. We are not seeking power or notoriety. Management will be shared by EVERY member country. Governments are encouraged to establish a representative in your cabinets, much like the current MoFA position. Perhaps you might call the position "Ambassador to the Coalition".

This forum will be a collaborative effort. Volunteers and collaborators are welcome.

• The creation of this world forum that could give to all the eCommunity the possibility to fight together for common goals.
• The birth of a lot of new parties in many countries with the same grand purpose.
• The creation of a common worldwide defense force;
• And many more...

This is a big adventure and will be a very challenging new way to play eRep.

No one in the eWorld actually wants peace. We just want more interesting wars. "😛"



Just think of it. Our countries will be able to enjoy prosperity. Companies will feel secure to invest and to hire employees. We will be able to have elections. We will be able to grow and prosper and evolve.

Here are some organizational ideas we have mapped out:

■ open to all countries.
■ all countries autonomous.
■ all countries to share leadership.
■ the goal of 100% participation of nations.
■ all countries invited to advance economically through friendly wars, trade and resource sharing (region swapping).
■ no country taking unfair advantage of another.
■ no companies, individuals or organizations allowed to dominate or take advantage.
■ obtaining aid during a financial crisis through loans at acceptable interest rates.
■ perhaps officers of the alliance could even earn a salary or stipend.
■ eNobel peace awards.
■ total transparency in all matters.

Plato has gotten rid of our World forum. This was all over demands we made for freedom of speech within the forum. I was there fighting the good fight and there the forum ended.

This is our opportunity to take matters into our own hands.


Please join us here. Register and offer some ideas and suggestions.

With sincere wishes to all,
Vincent Rekdal