Shadow Bollocks

Day 4,912, 03:11 Published in Ireland Ireland by Releasethe Krakken


Its 100 tokens. Therefore one of the most expensive rewards in the Springbreak event.

Yet it does not count for rank. I am not certain whether it can add the 10% of the rank booster to your rank.

It does not add true patriot.

It expires after 14 days

It is just for show.

A truly hollowed out reward.

I guess since this is easter and hollowed out eggs and stuff is so popular this period we shouldnt be disgruntled with it.

My point is just if its 100 tokens it should really count for rank or true patriot .

Yesterday I did the campaign mission. If you work systematically using your filters going through your list alphabetically and not selecting upper letters it is quite easy.

for example if i select G countries like germany I should not open up mission in chile croatia china albania because if i worked alphabetically i would have already have fought in that campaign. turkey croatia and france on their own gives you about 50 campaign or more so you could start with them and then move through smaller countries like romania and serbia later on.

The third monotonous mission after endorse 250 articles. Just switch the country feed in your newsfeed and keep it on latest articles.

and the travel one - i travelled from nz wellington to spain basque country using moving tickets. this was quite expensive so yeah again does reward = investment . I doubt it.

Prestige point boosters did not fall in 35 tries yesterday. I think after you complete the weekly challenge they switch it off in the algorithm.

I did gain a lot of gold which was good +- 550 so yeah guess shouldnt complain but still why not let:

shadow booster - not expire add rank and add true patriot - how big of an affect would this have 😛

prestige point booster - not expire - who cares whether a player gets more prestige points long after the event.

perhaps apply a bit more thought about missions. i dont mind monotonous missions but other missions could have added more value.