How to Hit 40,000 Prestige and Tank for 2 Weeks FOR FREE!

Day 4,907, 13:41 Published in Canada Hungary by Kippers

Obviously, it won't be completely free. But with a little preparation, anything is possible. Here's how you can do it.

What you need to do to free tank and hit 40,000+ over the next 2 weeks

- (2-3) +1 Prestige Point Booster 5-Minutes
- (1-2) x5 Damage Accelerator 10-Minutes
- (100+) Energy Bars (or Carrot equivalent)

- 100% Deployment Size Booster (or equivalent) [doesn't really help that much except save you a few seconds]
- 100% Damage Booster (or equivalent)
- 30$ Damage Ghost Booster
- 10% Ground Damage Booster (or equivalent)
- 10% Ground Rank Booster (or equivalent)
- LOTS of Q7 Tanks!
* Shadow Fighter Booster is not required, since it doesn't add anything to your rank points

How to do it:
1) Spend the day collecting tokens
2) Spin the 10-token wheel and try to get the x2 Prestige Point Booster (should take about 10 spins)
3) Find an Epic Battle
4) Activate all your available boosters
5) 10 minutes worth of PP booster along with x5 damage acceleration should easily give you 24,000 PPs
6) Over the next 6 days, you will get 800 energy recover per hour, which will give you 11,000+ PPs, with sporadic Epic Battles here and there, you should hit 40,000+ PPs without issue
7) If you're unsure, you can activate 3 PP boosters giving you 36,000 PPs in 15 minutes, and you'll easily hit 40,000+ PP by the end of the week
8­) During each deployment, refresh a second tab to collect rewards so you can use them in the next deployment
9) You will have spent 0 energy bars hitting 40,000+ PPs if you did everything correctly, and even GAIN energy bars if you used carrots during your deployments
10) At the end of the week, spin for more PP boosters so you're set for next week as well