#Springbreak - Supporting Independent Journalism

Day 4,907, 03:37 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Bank of England

Guidance for new players

As you may have seen "now" is an ideal time to venture into journalism and earn some cc. With all players are being encouraged to earn "Springcoins" via a variety of methods, one of which is endorsing articles.

If you don't have a newspaper creating one couldn't be easier

Click the Create Newspaper button to view the Create Newspaper screen.

The screen shows the amount of Gold you have and the requirements needed to create a newspaper.
> 2 GOLD
> Experience level 9 (130 Experience points)

Type a unique name for your newspaper (6 to 25 characters)
only letters, numbers and ! # $ % * ? | . / ^ { } ` ~ & ' + - = _ are allowed.

Add a picture for an avatar

The newspaper owner can change the name or the avatar at any time for free.

Best of luck with your article publication.

Of course you also don’t need to just be a new player too! All eUK citizens are recommended to publish an article to benefit from a little extra cc this “encouragement” for players to endorse articles brings.