[MoD] The Flying Dutchman - Week 121 - 130

Day 4,901, 14:20 Published in Netherlands Netherlands by Ministerie van Defensie

Citizens of the Netherlands,

The Flying Dutchman is a government program to support the air pilots of the Netherlands. The rules are simple: Everyone who does atleast 125 kills a week and has not yet ranked Group Captain will be eligible for the weekly sponsorship. Everyone is eligible for the following rank rewards:

Flight Lieutenant and every * gets 1,500 cc
Squadron Leader and every * gets 3,000 cc
Chief Master Sergeant and every * gets 7,500 cc
Wing Commander and every * gets 12,500 cc
Group Captain and every * gets 20,000 cc
Air Commodore and every * gets 50,000 cc

The following people can claim their respective rewards by commenting below this article:

Ranking rewards!


Shawtyl0w & SpeeD94
Minister of Defence