[P/H] Why do the Feds do it?

Day 4,900, 14:23 Published in USA Chile by Wilker Nath

Another day, another batch of insight from the proudest, horniest, most amazing party in the eUS! But first, some mood music.


I'm feeling Christ-ey today, sue me. Life is short, we all die, enjoy every moment. Every day is a beautiful day.

The question today, the one that's on everyone's minds: Do you agree with the verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial? What keeps you coming back to eRepublik?

Here's our answers:

I'm not good at quitting

Tyler Bubblar
I probably keep coming back at least in part due to the sunk cost fallacy. I've put a lot of time, money, and emotion, and energy into the community of the eUSA and Federalist Party. I've made many friends here and I stick around for them.

I'm actually not sure at this point.

Leroy Combs
Habit and looking for solutions in a declining game.

Paul Proteus
The Feds. Or Insanity.

Habit. I'm also a mod so Gucio will murder me IRL if I don't stay.


My friends in the Feds, tbh, and some awesome people I know from other parties. That's how devs compensate for a shitty game, they make it community-centric so they can get away with really dumb stuff and people will still stay because all their friends are here.

Soda Knight
I keep coming back because I’m a masochist I guess?

I honestly don't know. My in game erep gameplay is really limited to working and a bit of fighting every day. I still like to Congress and that's where my main erep activity takes place. I guess if I had to point to one thing it's dumb stubbornness.

Ouch, so a lot of people stay because habit, a lot stay because of friends, and not many people think it's actually a good game.

Anyway, that's what keeps the Feds coming back!

Stay tuned for another question tomorrow. While you wait, here's another music.


Stay Jazzy!