[MOD] Christmas Air Programme: Week 11 and 12

Day 4,900, 05:36 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Ministry of Defence

Hi all,

First of all apologies for the delay in the rewards, I was unfortunately away from my computer all of last week so was unable to publish week 11 as planned. As such Week 11 and Week 12 rewards of th Christmas Air Programme will be combined in this article and weekly articles with the rewards will continue from this week onwards.

Before we get into the rewards I would firstly like to place on record my thanks to Athena for the amazing running of the Christmas Air Program. Both the Pilot Rewards and the Air Cadet Programme are incredibly important initiatives that will hopefully continue for the foreseeable future and the importance of the work of Athena in running them over the last 10 weeks cannot be stated enough.

Without any further delay lets get onto the rewards!

Pilot Rewards

Congratulations FragUk, Rory Winterbourne II and Grogu. who all managed to reach the cap in both Week 11 and Week 12. Congratulations also goes to Piran who managed to reach the cap in Week 12 (and was not far off at all in Week 11)

A quick reminder of the rules:

• We will be paying out 3cc per air kill with the following limitations:
• You get 3cc per air kill, regardless of the battle.
• There will be a cap of 5,000 kills (15,0000 cc) per week for each individual
• Only eUK citizens of level 20 or higher are eligible
• You must do at least 100 kills for the week to qualify

The following pilots fulfilled the requirements and can claim their rewards by commenting below:

Week 11:

Week 12:

Air Cadet Program

Welcome to week 11 and Week 12 of the Air Cadet Programme. This program will have some special requirements for eligibility - firstly, you need to have rank lower than chief master sergeant ***** (CMS *5) and strength lower than 150k. Higher strength players can easily get a high turnover of cc from fighting in ground battles, so we decided to provide greater focus on those new players who have lower strength and who might have limited revenue streams as a focus for this program.

The Rewards for the Air Cadet Programme will be automatically sent out and are as follows: The top 5 will get 2000 cc each, while the last 5 will get 1000 cc. In addition, the No 1 and 2 will be awarded with a special bonus of 10 gold and 5 gold respectively.

Congratulations to all in Week 11:

And Week 12:

Don't forget to comment down below to get your rewards for the Pilot Rewards and keep fighting in the air!