Crypto Feds

Day 4,899, 15:30 Published in USA Chile by Wilker Nath

I'm doing another round of Proud/Horny interviews. Why? Because the Feds are awesome! (and we want your congress votes)! So here we go! But first, some tunes.

you'd think I would get tired of Ella & ink spots after a while, but that's just not the case

This round will be a little different. I'm letting loose one question at a time, rather than one person at a time. It'll be more interesting this way. Just trust me. I have a plan, okay?

Well here goes, first question: "How much do you know about crypto? What's in your portfolio?"

Before I get into this, I want to state none of us are financial experts, and you should not take our advice. Except Paul. He deserves some liability.

I know just enough to pose a threat to my wallet lol.
I use brave browser and get free BAT from that (it's a token off the Ethereum blockchain). I have an uphold wallet for it purely because uphold is the ONLY option for withdrawing BAT from brave browser, but it has been the most annoying thing ever to set up. I got a coinbase wallet the other day and was amazed when my ID was verified same day, because uphold took me 2 whole months, and I'm still having glitches with the site. ugh, lol.

But anyway, I have "lulz money" worth of BAT and "lulz money" worth of litecoin that I purchased using some of my BAT.

For real savings though, I have 401k and mutual fund like a normal human some kind of boomer, because I know that crypto is the most volatile thing within living memory (behind GME).

Paul Proteus:
It's a bubble! Index funds only. Or something. I only invest in paintings of dogs playing poker.

I know quite a lot about Crypto. I hold Bitcoin and Dogecoin. A lot of Dogecoin. (I did sell some yesterday so it was a good day for me)

Tyler Bubblar:
I know enough about crypto to wish I put some money in bitcoin a decade or more ago. I also know enough to know if wish I'd thrown some stimulus money at Doge early this year or late last year. I don't have much in the portfolio to be honest. I've got a handful of Aflac stock, an IRA and a Federal employee TSP account but barring a miracle I'll be putting my feet on the floor every morning to head to work for years to come.

Leroy Combs:

I only own dogecoin right now but I am considering selling it. All crypto has had quite a dip in value lately but I am in it for the log hall

F**k all. I bought 1609 DOGE @ 0.00625 for 10 dollars and sold for $114, and that's all I've done in crypto.

Soda Knight:
crypto is too risky for me, that's why my portfolio only consists of GameStop Calls.

A fair bit but I'm no expert... Like everyone I should have gotten in on bitcoin when I first got excited about the idea which was fairly early, but I didn't have money to spend at that time. Now I have a bit of doge coin and already made more than 3 times my investment which is nice.

Somewhere over the rainbow... where we would all be if we just put some money into Bitcoin years ago

See? We know things! We do things!

Anyway, look forward to 6 more P/H articles leading up to congress elections, with more interview questions that I bother various Feds to answer for me! You may also get some late entries to the crypto question coming next article.

So till then,
Stay Jazzy o/