Thorn in the Flesh

Day 4,899, 13:30 Published in USA USA by Gator Bait

Geez.. how long does it take someone to publish their first article. Maybe I'm setting a new record.

Big Dogs gonna eat

Fighting in Division 1 is fun until one of the big guys shows up. No matter how hard I work, my 27k strength is no match for an XX Legend fighting down and certainly doesn't stand a chance against the ol' Romperbots.

Then came a breath of fresh air from on high. Good old President Vootsman showed me a way. In Presidential Order 66 I finally had a role. I could make a difference. Finally, I could stick it to the old Romperbots who steam rolled every D1 fight.

I was methodical.... like a deadly sniper I waited for my moments. With expiring weaponry at hand. I had some time to inflict my pain, but it couldn't go to waste.

Some sniped BH medals were easy. The Croatians got lazy on their battles. 4-5 mill damage was enough for quite a few. Some required a bit more.

I even got a once in a lifetime opportunity to double team a Crobot with our president. Herr Vootsman and I decended upon the poor Madame like junk yard dogs pawing for a thrown out steak.

Still waiting on my lab results from that romp in the sack with Madame.

Hey D1-3 people.. Feeling like you can't contribute on the battlefield? Sure I can't go head to head in a pitched battle for Kentucky, but I can annoy the piss out of the Crobots and that gives me all the more reason to log in each day and mash that training button.

From the bush on the hill,
Gator Bait