Day 4,899, 05:09 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by 10 Downing Street

Dear all,

After two months of hostilities, we have reached a deal with Ireland and France to end hostilities. This peace is designed to last and will allow us to prove ourselves as a trustworthy nation again. This deal has been accepted by all parties.

France, Ireland, and the United Kingdom have succeeded in reaching a peace agreement concerning the core regions of the United Kingdom currently under Franco-Irish occupation. It also includes the countries present for TW which are currently North Korea and Finland.

The aims of this article are to detail this peace agreement:

The peace agreement between Ireland, United Kingdom, and France:
1 - No hostilities between the UK and the named nations (IRL, FR, NK, FIN, ALB, THAI) for a month after ratification
a ) If there have been no hostilities for a month, the agreement is extended for another month
b ) If the treaty is broken, the UK will have all its regions removed.

2 - All regions occupied except Northern Ireland will return the tax to the UK

3 - Ireland will control Northern Ireland for the full two months of the treaty

4 - In the first month, the UK will have a singular TW with North Korea, and will control 2 regions: London and the North East of England
After the second month, if 1a) is satisfied, the UK will gain control of Yorkshire and will have a second TW with France.

5 - Thailand will occupy Scotland.

The first and second month's maps:

We will be posting orders for the RWs soon. We must ensure that we do not engage in any hostilities with any of the aforementioned countries.

I hope and believe that this peace is not a temporary measure, and we can work closely with our neighbours in the future, and put this period of aggression behind us.


Country President of the United Kingdom