So, was it worth it?

Day 4,899, 02:44 Published in Romania Romania by Milanezu

I wasn't planning on writing this article and for that matter I wasn't planning on writing at all, but seeing so many articles questioning the, for lack of better words, limits and foundation of customer satisfaction across time in this game has reminded me of my mother and her patented shaming technique - "Noh, s-o meritat?/So, was it worth it?"

I am not an avid coffee drinker and this one is fairly bitter (supposed to be sweetened by some chocolate tablet that they've forgot to bring along and I couldn't be bothered to ask for one) so the added time I have to drink it shall be the time in which I will be writing this article - needless to say, it is a meaningless article, but it will grab my hand and take me on a trip through memory lane (it's sunny outside for once and fairly early).

Much like my mother, I've reached that bitter point (and it's not the coffee) where I often asked myself the dreadful question of "So, was it worth it?". And guys, this was her ultimate weapon so I am rarely using this sentence lightly - she was famous for shaming anyone with that line (there was also the harsher one - Noh, ti s-o meritat?/So, was it worth it for you? - which meant you were in deep trouble and she needed to emphasize on the personal nature of whatever went on, but we...I am not there yet) A N Y O N E, ranging from random & her own kids to my father and even her own father. You knew it the moment she would bent her arms and land them on her hips that the shaming is coming (and it is a well known fact that no one can shame someone like a mother does). And there was no getting away from it. You'd be doing something that she would perceive as stupid and there wouldn't me much condemnation but only the dreadful question - So, was it worth it?

But enough with the background story of a mother's most powerful weaponry...I guess at this point you all know (assuming that you've read so far - and I don't blame me if you didn't as I, myself, rarely read articles in erepulik longer than a cigarettes pack warning) where I am heading. You might potentially think that I'm trying to go with the current journo flow inside the game. The truth is that I am not as I am actually looking to understand and get real, cynic (if you must) answers on how users really feel about this game (coffee is half gone, so for your sake I hope half of the article is already written) - and not some of those half hearten answers where you "blame" the good times on intangible slogans like community spirit, yet you are incapable of pinpointing the exact details (this is not meant to be a pub where if someone buys you a drink it suddenly turns the pub into disneyland). I've heard of a few love stories and true friendships facilitated by the game (together with sad stories and dramatic outcomes) and those I will take as valid reasons.

I've always questioned my own dumb/mindless spending in and and for the game and thought of why... and why... and why... and countless "whys" until I gave up. I even had a time when, after finding out how much I've actually dumped into this game I started adding up how many extra matches at San Siro I could have watched, how many extra and fancier sex toys I could have bought, how many more dumb useless gadgets I could have gotten, how many more coins I would have bought, how much of a nicer car I would have had, how much more I could have invested in some of those crypto currencies ...yet, I have NEVER shamed myself by asking "So, was it worth it?".

As we speak, I am sitting here with the coffee already cold (couldn't care less - it was bitter as f anyway) and scratching my head and yet, I cannot come up with a reply to such an easy question. I actually thought I would come up with one by the end of the article. And as I mindlessly drift into the task of gathering proof from my various thoughts so that I can conclude this lengthy wall of text, I get back in time and remember how not answering that question would be the worst thing you could do in front of her. If you'd say yes, then you would have been committing half of your day trying to explain to her why. A no, on the hand, would have spared you from a dry mouth but would have been considered an admission of guilt.

I got a few rounds of involuntary cardio and some of my hair might have turned grey because of this game. I had people that I knew, because of the game, who actually died and that saddened me. I had buddies that used the game as a pretext to get back in touch and that was cheerful. I had the game (and I mean the actual game and its pixels) to keep me company when no one else would and that kept me awake, but at times it would also make me procrastinate. I had the game turn my brain into a monkey's brain and that hurt my productivity. I have bonded with someone (1) that existed because of the game and that, that was personally soothing. I had dumb fights over the game (other than with myself) and that was ...well, that was just dumb, come to think about it. I have not gotten to try anything new because of the game and that made it in part redundant. I have developed a hatred towards the game (not sure how genuine that is) and that kept me playing, with spite being the catalyst. I have never had the game financially handicap me (regardless of how much more other economic endeavors could have benefited from not paying for this) and that was reassuring. I have had sleepless nights because of the game and that was tiring and stupid. I have had damage to my hardware because of the game and that was equally as stupid. I have met certain characters in this game that made me appreciate nature and animals more (and I don't mean it in a derogatory way, even though it might be easier to explain it that way). And this might be missing a few more lines that don't come to mind right now, but might edit later...but other than that, also having to depart and get the day started, this would be my rant.

So, was it worth it?

God knows... I am tempted to say yes, because of the very last reason. But that, in the spirit of my mother's moral weaponry of choice, would imply that I need further explaining. Hence, to make it easier for myself, I'd ask myself something else - would they write on my tombstone that I had played erepublik or mention it in my obituary? Definitely not. It is a nice filler, but it's in the back of my shrunken interesting pants somewhere in the bottom of the closet.

And because I am actually curious (if anyone has actually bothered to read all this) to see if there is a single person out here that could answer with a strong and definite yes to this question (I personally know of one case that actually made quite a pretty penny because of the game, but he ain't around no more)

So, was it worth it?