Irish Freedom Party choses Next CP and MOD

Day 4,899, 01:53 Published in Ireland Ireland by Releasethe Krakken

This is in no way a reflection on the current cabinet.

But here at the Irish Freedom Party we belief in democrazy

So we retired to our cave of elders to decide the fate of eIreland in May of 2021

After a long session of beer drinking we came upon this nice fella his name is Alexa.

Since he is a smart kinda fella we though he could run the other stuff as well but our pick for mod is also featured in this video his name is Gnome we especially like how he handled daft englishmen

For people wanting to join England we now have established a english colonopscopy in London just go there and apply to be added to our existing bunch of yuks.

Also we have established a schedule of fighting: english butts are kicked from start of the mornin till late in the evening. The frogs we let win some battles as their poor romantic hearts would not be able to handle defeat.

Portuguese the same we need them happy and making our Ciabatta bread.

All other battles write to me I will decide on a coin toss whether we win the battle or not.

* Alexa also did me spell cheque