eLand of opportunities ? Safe zone for everyone ?

Day 4,898, 15:22 Published in Serbia Serbia by Black.Hole.

Greetings everyone,
Today, I am here to inform You, well, like the headline says, about eLand of possibilities.

Did You ever fantasize about special eCountry ? Where You can have certain “ safe zone “, to do awesome stuff, for example :
-You can legally create accounts for your underaged children ;
-You can, legally, use " third-party sources " without having to worry about consequences ;
-You can use appropriate auto-hit scripts, add-ons etc.

So, what’s the secret ?
Well, it all started last year, when Croatian firm, www.nanobit.com , became part of StillfrontGroup, www.erepubliklabs.com .

You can also check out other games, that StillfrontGroup ( erepubliklabs ) create.
So, since 2020. some things have changed.
1. Admins have successfully banned people from some eCountries (eLithuania, eitaly, eIran… ) that used illegal stuff.
2. At the beginning of 2021. , admins delivered over 200 permanent bans.
You can find the list, here :


How and why did administration ban more than 200 people, overnight?
Administration decided that players which used certain “ game bug “ ( which they didn’t cause or create ) are guilty for mentioned bug.
After a long and careful investigation, Administration concluded , that official game developers and moderators aren’t guilty for game bugs, but rather players, which are probably high skilled in computer sciences.
Big part of the community consider bans harsh, and unfair, and also claim they caused unbalance in game, that made game boring, and uninteresting.
Me, personally, ask for ban lift for all players on the list, but most of all, my friends from my MU :

Tijana R

Now, back to the subject.
None of this concerned our safe zone, our eLand of opportunities.
Don’t wait for tomorrow, apply today !