Some music volume 2 and an ad for big brother

Day 4,897, 16:00 Published in Ireland Ireland by Releasethe Krakken

Today I had a long argument about working in my varkin holding companies. i must have been drunk as my ookin holding companies is broke and I blame citizen number 2 Citizen number 1 must have been some hard working programmer that created the original erepublik rip as there certainly aint no hard working programmers in this game left.

Anyway some music:


this remind me of this crni sin:


redone here


4. this is a good guitarist too bad some of his stuff is not on youtube(some performances for a show here)


anyway we are on an amazon server so here is an ad for one of their products the irish alexa

you can preorders your irish alexa in the donate section. so dont be a bheap castard and preorder the helpful irish thingamajig.