Tour de USA

Day 4,897, 05:41 Published in USA Chile by Wilker Nath

First up, a rebranding.

"It's me again, Mr. New Vegas, reminding you that you're nobody 'til somebody loves you. And that somebody is me. I love you."

Next up, I'm doing a Tour de USA.

What is that?

Well, I realized I've been sort of boxed in socially in this game. I know plenty of Feds, and I love the Feds, but there are people from other parties that I never met, and I want to get to know them, too. I want to expand my social circle, and get a better feel for the pulse of the eUS.

So, I decided to spend some time in different parties.

Starting this weekend, I'll be spending (give or take) a week as a guest in each of the t6 parties, starting at the bottom and working my way up.

Something to remember:
I am a Fed. I am loyal to the Feds. I will go back home to the Feds after I'm done.

That said, I hope I'll find welcome in all the places I go, and I hope I'll be included in discussions and party mails at least to some extent. I said before that there aren't many people in the eUS I wouldn't get along with, if the context of this game's partisanship were removed. I want to just chill with all the people here, and get friendly with some fresh faces.

So there you have it!

Signing off:

Stay jazzy!