Abandon the ship!?

Day 4,897, 04:06 Published in USA USA by Nikos X

eUSA is in a very hard spot, we are losing territories, it's causing problems to our businesses and the morale is very low. I see many of our citizens leaving, immigrating to another country which has more stable territories so they can keep their businesses. Unfortunately is a phenomenon in eRepublik and it's always happening in moments like these.
Now it's the time to change the course of our history, it's the time when people are needed the most. Don't choose the easy way out, it's never an easy way. There is always a country invading another country, this is the reality. Leaving your country to move somewhere where you can produce is just a temporary solution.
The best way to keep yourselves safe it to defend your territory, keep your businesses in eUSA and just defend your country. You will lose resources and some money, so what?!? eUSA has loads of schemes for the citizens giving them food, weapons and money for this purpose. To support YOU and repay your country by supporting it back.
Once we provide a good defend and kick their spirits we are done. So every time we are under attack and prevent them we are wasting their resources, we are wasting resources for ourselves too but at least we are defending our country not invading.
Stay here, stay home. Protect your country and enjoy the benefits of the aftermath..