1st Glorious Revolutionary Committee of the War of Resistance

Day 4,896, 11:16 Published in USA USA by What A Guy


I am humbled by your unanimous support in my re-election as party chairman. Long live the SFP revolution!

As the bourgeois forces of Croatia and its subservient cronies continue to overrun our land, we must retrench in our positions and make the occupier's time a difficult one. We must not let this war, a natural consequence of unchecked capitalism, undermine our socialist principles.

Accordingly, today I am reestablishing Year Zero of the Mass Line, and with it, the First Glorious Revolutionary Committee of the War of Resistance Against Global Capitalist Aggression.

My nominations to this newly constituted Revolutionary Committee in this time of chaos shall include our most active members:

Assigned voting members:
- shiloh13
- PimpDollaz
- RF Williams

Additional six voting members:
- T.J. SCOTT (also co-treasurer)
- PilotPhil (also co-treasurer)
- Salty
- TheePostman
- Leon Gutierrez
- MollyMock

Non-voting members:
- Wilhelm Rontgen
- Elaine of the Snowy Forest
- TheNorm

This streamlined committee will be ready to face any challenge that April-May 2021 may throw our way. Or at least provide a good excuse.

Onward to another month of clicking on things on some web sites! We shall do it together.

May Marx bless our troops!

Chairman What A Guy