The Great Restart - Companies

Day 4,896, 10:23 Published in Canada Canada by mendelzon

After rejoining I have clicked on training, clicked on work, clicked on the war. Every day is ground hog day. Still trying to understand what is the draw - but nevertheless I continue to click.

I decided to figure out food. How can I avoid buying food every day and produce my own. I created a raw food building and bought a bread company using gold (it was a little bit cheaper then creating a new one). After a few days I ran raw production (20 energy) and produced 100 Bread (10 energy). From an energy use view, it looks like I have produced more energy than what I consumed. But if I want to fight in a war I need to have my energy bar full - I need more than bread - or a lot of bread.

When I looked at the extra energy that the left over bread gave me - what is the cost of that? It's about 20 of my currency (ie if I sold at the current price). If I had a bigger company I could have a worker - but I could only pay lower than 20 to continue to make a profit. Who would work for that? Also how am I paid so much at my current job? It shows the economics of the game don't add up.

The market place has a lot of pricing discrepancies with food (and weapons) so I may just continue to buy food instead of producing it.

Next step - exploit the marketplace.