(Re)Starting my Journey

Day 4,896, 04:47 Published in Portugal Portugal by Portucale5

After many years out of eRepublik, Covid boredomness brought me back.

I do not remember what led to my inactivity in the game but once I decided to go back to some online games, eRepublik was definitely in my top list.

Being part of a fictional society where you can contribute to your country of choice, be it in politics, warfare, economically or just plainly to take the piss, certainly helps you to bring up your ego, even if you are just sitting in your sofa, looking at a screen with some funny animations.

The game is not difficult to get by, but it is definitely not very intuitive for whoever is actually getting started, or re-started in my case.

I did look in the forums for some information and you also have the help exclamation point with some tips, but only after buying aircraft and house raw materials, did I realize that I actually need to employ someone to be able to produce in it.

Anyway, lets see how it goes this time. Hopefully I can continue to enjoy my time here and take it beyond post-coof 🙂

And to my Russian fellow-enemies... Get out of my Porto! 😛

Happy wars everyone!