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Dateline: 14, April, 2021 (Day 4893)
Location: James S. Brady Press Room, The White House

1: Special Announcement

1: Special Announcement

Since Cro has graciously given us easy access to their TWs, we will be taking them up on their hospitality.


Croatia has significantly stronger fighters than we have. We cannot beat them in a direct battle, particularly on ground.

They are constrained, as are we, by real life, time, motivation, effort. It's really easy for them to drop their food fights, or show up for an epic. They enjoy big battles (and winning them).

Here's what is not fun. Losing battle heros. Having to check back on your battle heros. Having to fix training wall wars. Croatia has a ton of training wars. Most of the them are ping pongs. This means that Croatia has to lose the battles where they attack. If we fight on the side of Croatia in the battle, they have to
a ) watch the battles more closely
b ) come back and defend BHs
c ) fight on wrong side (no TP money, no legend bonus) to fix the wall. This is especially so if they win back their BH (on Croatia side).

Some tips - goal is not necessarily to win the round, but to make them expend effort in fixing and watching the walls. So dont hit in beginning of battle, wait until it's 30-60 minutes in and then hit to flip wall and take BH. Again, goal is to make them come back, so you don't need to continue fighting to win the round. D123 are much easier than D4. Accordingly, I plan to give out as many Maverick packs that I can.

Ping Pongs - attacker loses (you can determine who attacker is because they have the sword icon, defender is the shield). I wrote down the states if they are regular.

France: Croatia typically attacked on Languedoc Roussillon.
Bosnia and Herzegovina wins East Srpska Republic, Croatia win South Dalmatia.
Greece wins Free State, Croatia wins wherever attacked.
Turkey (moves around) ** try to avoid turkey if possible**
Uruguay wins Rio Grande do Sul, Croatia wins North Dalmatia
Slovenia wins Styria and Carinthia, Croatia wins Upper Carniola
Australia wins Tasmania, Croatia wins Queensland
New Zealand wins Canterbury, Croatia wins Victoria
Argentina wins South East Chaco, Croatia wins Paranema
Albania wins Albanian Coast, Croatia wins Apulia
Cyprus wins New South Wales, Croatia wins Victoria
Brazil wins Northeast of Brazil, Croatia wins Northern Cape
Philippines wins Palawan, Croatia wins Luzon
South Korea wins Campania, Croatia wins Basilicata.
Italy wins Liguria/Friuli, Croatia wins Carinthia

Traditional - less useful to interfere in, just steal BHs.
China wins RW, loses directs to Croatia
India wins RW, loses directs to Croatia

Hungary - no clear pattern, just fight for the side with fewer points.
Chile - currently letting Chile take things

[eUS] Special Announcement

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