Y.B.A.S. (Young B.A.S.) Week 8 (4893-4899)

Day 4,893, 12:43 Published in Belgium Netherlands by Ministry of eBe Education

Y.B.A.S. or Young Belgian Air Supply is a new aid program that provides energy for aerial battles and is entirely privately funded.

What do I have to do?
175 kills in 1 week (source:Weekly Leaderboards)
Starting every Tuesday, upon reaching 175 kills and leave a comment below(Ex. Y.B.A.S.-Completed)to claim your reward.

Who can apply?
Every eBelgian player up to air rank Squadron Leader*****

Be a Belgian citizen.

What will I get for participating?
7000 foodQ2

Please, visit our site for more info on B.I.E.S.D. 🇧🇪
You can find us also on: #biesdiscord 🇧🇪

Jarabe de Patu - Minister of Education 🇧🇪