[Reform] April mini-games, round 2

Day 4,893, 02:03 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Sir Humphrey Appleby

Round 2!

(all welcome to take part)

Where’s the eUK?

We’ve again 'upped sticks' and have found a new home in one of our former colonies/territories. Which one is it? Will you stick to your guns or try somewhere new?

You can post your guess in the comments 'ere again.

Round 1 results (and some of you will kick yourselves here): the correct location was Ireland!

At a mere 1,204 miles as the crow flies from his guess of Gibraltar, Grogu bags the £20k pot! Grats mate and good luck this week gents!

Thanks for all for the good ranges of guesses - there'll be an extra £10k prize for the runner up this round o7

'JiminyChristmas Memorial Casino'

Endorse ‘ere to ‘throw the dice’. At the end of the week we’ll put you in a random number generator-

0-6: No dice! +1 to your next roll
7-8: 200 Q7 Food
9-10: 100 Q7 Tanks
11: 5 Gold
12 (Jackpot): £20,000

Last week’s rolls

TheMightyRockLee was the only one who managed a 12, well done mate! https://prnt.sc/11br8n8

Rory rolls an... 11! - https://prnt.sc/11bqk7a
Chemical rolls a... solid 0! - https://prnt.sc/11bqnyt
Rodders rolls an... 8! - https://prnt.sc/11bqp1g
Wookie rolls an... 11! - https://prnt.sc/11bqq8t
Noel rolls a... 4! - https://prnt.sc/11bqrp9
Elad rolls a... 1! - https://prnt.sc/11bquj1
Ebrietas rolls a... 10! - https://prnt.sc/11bqvou
Certa rolls a... 7! - https://prnt.sc/11bqx3a
Pannonian rolls a... 10! - https://prnt.sc/11bqy6r
Neil Sheehan rolls a... 6! - https://prnt.sc/11bqzc0
Releasethe Krakken rolls a... 7! - https://prnt.sc/11br07u
Bay Jee rolls a... 3! - https://prnt.sc/11br19f
Luis rolls an... 8! - https://prnt.sc/11br2n4
Hcmadman rolls a... 5! - https://prnt.sc/11br3s3
Gali rolls a... 2! - https://prnt.sc/11br4sw
Frix rolls a... 6! - https://prnt.sc/11br6aq

Congratulations/commiserations… Prizes being dropped off now o7

It looks like google has been a tad savage! All those with a 'no dice' result get a +1 to their next throw.

Again, if you have any ideas for other events that can help keep us entertained/in denial do gib a prod :3

Good luck gents o/