The BHA ReReturns - Week 12

Day 4,893, 01:19 Published in Belgium Belgium by eBelgian Presidency

Dear Belgians,

The Belgian House Aid program and it’s sequel the Belgian House Aid Returns have proved to be an efficient and well-received programs which helped many citizens in the past and hopefully in the future as well. Because our financial situation has improved, we are returning to full grants. As you were accustomed, the grants can vary based on weekly situation. All required information or changes will be given in the weekly articles.

Every Tuesday we will publish an article with a form, which you will have to fill in order to claim the reward. We will analyze every application and distribute the money to buy a Q2 house for those who have reached the requirements.

Requirements are:
- To be a Belgian citizen.
- To have an active Q1 house (and after first successful application an active Q2 house).
- To have earned at least 600 experience points the previous week.

Every participant who meets the requirements will be donated a grant to buy itself a Q2 house from the market. All participants who would like to claim further weekly rewards will need to have a Q1 and a Q2 house activated in order to receive further rewards.

The program started on 26th January 2021 and will last until further notice. Consider this article as the twelfth weekly article of the renewed program and without further ado let me announce that the

Belgian House Aid - Week 12 is Opened for supplies

Make sure you fill out the form before the end of the day. If you are a new player, or you struggle with the currency let us know, and we can help you out with the first Q1 house. Donations will be made tomorrow. The grant is valued at 18,500 per participant. It should cover the Q2 house cost.

Last but not the least, let me point you to the Rules Addendum.

1. Be a Belgian citizen. I believe it is self-explanatory, as long as you have Belgian citizenship you are able to apply for the grant. If you are applying for another citizenship, or you have changed citizenship during the process of requirements verification, your application is automatically declined.

2. Earn at least 600 experience points during the previous week. You can earn
experience points by working, training, or fighting. The week in question is the same as eRepublik’s weekly challenge, so from Tuesday to Monday.

3. You need a Q1 house active if you are applying for the first time OR a Q1 and Q2 house if you are reapplying or have received the grant in the past.

II. Timeline of the project

We publish an article every Tuesday. In these articles, you can find a link with the form you need to fill in order to apply for the grant. You have one day to apply for it (From Tuesday 00:00 eRepublik time (09:00 CET) until Wednesday 00:00 eRepublik time (09:00 CET)), the applications that are submitted later (if the form does not close at the deadline) are not valid. Please note, there can be some temporary changes regarding the program. All changes are and will be communicated on the country wall and on our discord channel.

On Wednesday we look at the applications and check if those who applied meet the requirements. The donations to those who have qualified for the grant are usually done in the evening, but it can happen that there is a slight delay, and you receive your grant on Thursday.

After you receive the grant you have until Sunday 00:00 eRepublik time (09:00 CET) to activate the Q2 house. You can buy a house from the Belgian market or find the cheapest house worldwide on eRepublik Tools. Please note that the grant does not cover the travel costs, but it’s usually a bit higher than the lowest world offer. If you still can't afford to travel you can ask on discord or in-game for help.

III. Receiving the grant and activating the house

Because there seems to be some need to clarify the rules, I will explain one more time what we expect from you. When you apply for the first time you need to fulfil the requirements of citizenship, experience and have a Q1 house active. Because the check is completed on Wednesday, you need to activate the Q1 house before Tuesday, ideally. As said above, you will have to activate the Q2 house before Sunday. When you are reapplying you need to have Q2 house active as well as Q1 and fulfil the previously mentioned requirements. Because the objective of the program is to increase activity you will need to make sure you accept the donation in time and reapply every week. If you forget to reapply you will need to have Q1 and Q2 house active and fulfil other requirements when you apply again.

IV. Abusing the program

As mentioned at the start of this article, we noticed some (un)intentional attempts of abuse. From now on we will punish such behavior. If you receive the grant, and you fail to activate Q2 house in time you will receive a strike. The first and second strike will only mean a warning. The third strike will blacklist you from the program for a month, while the fourth strike will blacklist you permanently. If you have a justification as to why you weren’t able to fulfil the conditions you can contact Gyantse, and we will see if your request is admissible. Please note that since the goals of the program are to encourage activity, we will not accept excuses such as not being able to buy a house because of 2-clicking or forgetting to log into the game.

With Regards,

Belgae gallorum fortissim.