Day 4,893, 00:30 Published in Pakistan Pakistan by Zor Ki Hansi

I own Toidinami. It is a small holding company but supplies all the quality 7 food I need to be of help to the Pakistani community. The in-game forums are not well read so at times I must reach out through my Newspaper to get more employees and to generally inform them. I have job offers up at Net Salary of 2000 PKR, I do this to cut out the fluff and maybe utilize foreign labor. However, if you are have Pakistan citizenship I will increase your salary ASAP.

2500 PKR is what I offer you, which likely beats your current wage elsewhere, if not continue to work abroad. However working for Pakistani company owners is strongly encouraged by me. We need to maximize our potential as a country by cooperation.

Please consider joining my Companies. Like I said you can find them on the local Job Market.

Thank you,