Day 4,891, 21:51 Published in USA USA by Thee Dude

Greetings fellow members of the best Political Party in the country!

We The People has been my political party since I returned to this game over a year ago. I’ve met and become friends with so many of you over this last year and I just got to say, you all really make me feel at home. The amount of support, encouragement, wisdom, and love I’ve received from my fellow WTP members has been humbling and inspiring. You guys make me want to be a better me. Thank you.
Most of you know me from the daily WTP Food Program that I have been running for about the past 10 months. Something that I intend to continue doing for as long as is needed. I want to thank everyone who donates to our Food Program, so that it may continue to serve our party members. Your generosity is greatly appreciated! I encourage every party member who could use a little extra food to make sure you are commenting on the WTP FOOD post every day. If you’re a member who has plenty to spare, I’d ask that you please think about donating something to help your fellow party members. That would be nice.
Over this past year I’ve devoted my time, energy, and resources to not only helping the WTP, but also our country. I’ve volunteered to work in our National Government so I could not only serve the WTP, but but our country as a whole. I’ve had the pleasure of working for several different Administrations, and of course the honor of running the Department of Education and Department of Interior for our great former ePOTUS Chickensguys. While at DoE/DoI, and with the full support of CP CGs Administration, I launched the highly successful Chicken Feed program. Maybe you’ve heard of it. For three months we gave away tons of food to our fellow citizens. Lots of chicken dinners! Other than the funding, I handled Chicken Feed completely by myself. I don’t say that to brag, but to demonstrate that I am willing to put in the work to get things done. I currently serve the country as VP for CP Herr Vootsman’s Administration as we negotiate our way through these troubled times. Whether it’s at the Party level or the National level I have devoted my time and effort into helping my Party, my Country, and its citizens improve their daily eLives.

My fellow WTP members, please allow me the opportunity to serve the WTP as your Party President. If given the honor of serving as WTP PP the following are some of the things I would like to see the party do during my term.
Listen to my fellow members and address their concerns.
Continue to aggressively recruit new members to WTP.
Establish a Housing Program for members in need.
Get more members involved in Congress.
Increase the weekly Cash giveaway.
Create a better CP primary system.
Increase member activity.

Finally I would to thank all the people, in and out of the WTP, who have helped me on my journey. The friendships and relationships we build in this game is what makes it worthwhile. Thank you.
And Vote for Thee Dude for WTP Party President!

Thank you for your support!