[BoE] Q1 House Grants

Day 4,890, 05:27 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Bank of England

Housing Grants

Alright again gents o/,

It’s important everyone has the benefits of a roof over their head so Gov's again offering every eUK citizen a q1 ‘council house’ on us.

You should have at least one q1 active as it:

>Allows you to work several times a day through the ‘overtime tickets’ collected

>Grants higher max health to work & fight, with an increased recovery rate.

You should be able to afford your next house from your extra wages.

Just prod 'ere in the comments - will drop you the cc needed to buy one of the offers we've put on the market.

The Books

I can only give you a very brief update for now but Huey reports we have over £11m and 500g safely tucked away o7

Hope you're all well lads.
-eUK Gov team