Voots: Part Two

Day 4,887, 20:27 Published in USA USA by Herr Vootsman
Second Term

My fellow Americans:
I would like to thank everyone for electing me to a second term as president. I like to think that I have learned a few things during my first term, so hopefully the second term will be smoother.

My first term was marked by invasion – both invasion by CODE forces, but also invasion by Real Life. Real Life actually struck first – knocking off the two most experienced people in my cabinet: zRTx and Carlos3652. This also left me understaffed in arguably the two most important positions, Defense Secretary and Secretary of State, shortly before the invasion by CODE. Fortunately, I was helped by many people – some of whom were deputized into official positions, and others who just advised me behind the scenes (without getting credit).

Over the last week or two I have interviewed various people for the Minister of Defense job and am excited to announce that Groot of Cascadia has accepted. He brings with him an excellent knowledge of the military module and new ideas regarding Guerilla warfare.

Groot of Cascadia

Dominar Rygel XVI has been selected as Assistant to the Minister of Defense. He'll work along side Groot - analyzing damage patterns, looking for foreign bots, bringing coffee and donuts to morning conference, coordinating air defense systems, oiling up Q7 tanks, etc

Dominary Rygel XVI

In continuation of his excellent work dealing with Serbian politics, and just for being all around helpful, I have moved Stormin EwokJedi to Minister of Foreign Affairs (Secretary of State). He has always wanted a cushy desk job, and already the welcome baskets of Cognac and Cigars are arriving.

Stormin EwokJedi

Thee Dude now takes the role of Vice President. I don’t entirely know what Vice President does, but Thee Dude assures me he will do an excellent job at it.

Thee Dude

DMJohnston fills the vacancy at Chief of Staff and is assisted by Melissa Rose. They both have extensive experience as Chief of Staff, and have already brought out the whip to keep staff in line.

DMJohnston - - - - Melissa Rose

For now, the remainder of the cabinet is unchanged, although I do have plans to renovate some Domestic programs. It is getting late and since eRepublik ate my last article I don't have energy to get everyone's pictures again. Even though I left you out, you are still important!