[MoD]: Christmas Air Program: Week 10

Day 4,886, 09:36 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Ministry of Defence

In our 10th week iteration of the air program, we are pleased to announce a number of changes to make the whole process more streamlined. First and foremost, we are publishing both the cadet and main air program in the same article. From the next term onwards, yurigavin has graciously agreed to take charge of the program and distribute the rewards. I’m confident the program will continue to flourish under his leadership in the weeks to come.

This new combined program, we will be calling the “Christmas air program”, in memory of Jimmy Christmas. Jimmy has been one of the eUK’s most steadfast fighters, an outstanding MoD for uncountable terms and a president who made many personal sacrifices and eliminated divisions during his tenure. Unfortunately, Jimmy is no longer with us and he has become a dead citizen. We hope he is fine in RL and will remember his contributions to the eUK.

Pilot Rewards

Many of our pilots made maximum use of the Easter unlimited tanking event, with no less than 5 making the 15000 reward cap for this week. Congratulations to Frag, lucy, Grogu. Rory and Noel!

We hope that process in our air continues and the improvements in rank of our pilots stays steady. Air is all about teamwork and strength in numbers rather than solo performances. So, it remains of the paramount importance that every eUKer keeps on developing and builds a strong presence in air in the months - and years to come.

A quick reminder of the rules:

• We will be paying out 3cc per air kill with the following limitations:
• You get 3cc per air kill, regardless of the battle.
• There will be a cap of 5,000 kills (15,0000 cc) per week for each individual
• Only eUK citizens of level 20 or higher are eligible
• You must do at least 100 kills for the week to qualify

The following pilots fulfilled the requirements and can claim their rewards by commenting below:

April 1st week:

Air Cadet Program

Welcome to week 10 of the Air Cadet program. This program will have some special requirements for eligibility - firstly, you need to have rank lower than chief master sergeant ***** (CMS *5) and strength lower than 150k. Higher strength players can easily get a high turnover of cc from fighting in ground battles, so we decided to provide greater focus on those new players who have lower strength and who might have limited revenue streams as a focus for this program.

April 1st week:

Same as the previous week's editions, the top 5 will get 2000 cc each, while the last 5 will get 1000 cc. In addition, the No 1 and 2 will be awarded with a special bonus of 10 gold and 5 gold respectively.