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Day 4,884, 01:37 Published in Ireland Ireland by Releasethe Krakken

I dont know where this originated but basically here we say one little piece at a time.

Anyway I recently saw with maverick a kinda protection build into lower division for lower strength players.

Now I dont know how lighthouser scored 6 million with 70000 strength but it would cost me 4000 energy to pass him.

6 million damage aint worth it for 4000 energy when you also want True Patriot medals. I dont know how much energy he spend attaining this. Did he use lower level weapons. Is the game echoeing the highest hit or the average hit for a player.

I got a 240000 strength player to make a hit and took back my bh at 112 million damage for 2000 energy.

on the other side of the scale if you are starting out and scoring 25000 hits you cant defend a battle hero. also higher division players cannot move the wall except by overtaking you.

i calculated as well how many days are needed to get to 250000 strength an amazing 2777 a bit less as you get some strength for completing daily order but at 90 gain a day it is 2777 days or 7 years and 7 months and 7 days (just kidding )

so yet again this game does not make sense for people starting up.

here is a few ways we could eliminate the strength gap without affecting people who invested years on strength i didnt every day for the almost 10 years i am in the game.

1. replace moving tokens with strength switch tokens for lower strength players under 150000 or just make it optional for everyone - strength switch/moving tokens/ energy bars - what you get.

(iva suggested a similar idea - but adding it as tokens would mean a player could build up a stockpile )

2. allow players to sell off their accounts officially via erepublik. this has never bothered me before. a kinda shortcut that does not affect the game. something i would always suggest for newer players. it exchanges a old inactive player for a new active player. there is no gain or loss in the game. as players will advertise in their circle : it wont affect the balance as well if private sales are allowed - which can be done with a key that an old player can pass to a new player.

3. waning gain - will older players care if a new player gains 150000 strength within the first year of playing. i wont. the second plateau can be on 150000 to 200000 and thereafter normal strength gain. yes some players will complain about it. but we cannot always consider those that simply take 70 - 90% of all battle heroes in their countries battles for example lawkee.

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