An update of the current situation.

Day 4,883, 18:23 Published in Armenia Venezuela by Astrik

Greetings eArmenians,

As you know the latest mass banning campaign weakened several countries of Asteria, which changed the power balance in erepublik. How it effected our ecountry? eBrazil left, after which I was approached by eCyprus. At first, they wanted to settle their old issues with Moldova in our cores. But then, they proposed to replace them in our TWs acting together with Montenegro, or other ecountry of our choice. Can we handle the current ongoing TWs with Iran and Moldova? Without their participation in keeping the walls. You know the answer.
eBrazil asked for MPP, which was discussed on our telegram channel “eArmenia”. After a short discussion, the decision was taken to accept it. I encourage once more everyone to join the channel to speak up.
In my opinion, we need to change our politics and develop a new strategy to keep up with what is coming. Militarily, we are not a match to any ecountry, neither economically. My strategy to change taxes gave short term effect. The practice of food donation, on the other hand, is not always effective neither, because some players prefer fighting for their countries of origin in any case, and not for eArmenia. If any of you wants to make some positive changes and have some ideas, let us discuss them. You may become an active member of our government. If there are any eArmenians who have some experience in politics, please feel free to share your vision, strategies or policies.
About the dictatorship, you should know that unfortunately the danger of PTO remains high, and not only; they are actually gaining more power.
I was approached once more with a proposal to join an alliance. I need to know your position regarding this, while the main question still remains unanswered for me; what can we offer to them as a member of their alliance?

P.S. Players, who are fighting on our side asked why this player keeps stealing BHs from those who keep the wall in our TWs? In reality, I do not know him/her, s/he takes over my bhs as well. His actions are messing up with our TWs. How did he become our e-compatriot? He was granted CS by now dead citizen on January 7, 2021, who had registered in eArmenia on December 12, 2020. What are his goals here? Who knows.

Thank you all for fighting for our country.