What cheaters deserves? A BANANA!!

Day 4,882, 11:01 Published in Egypt Egypt by B I T E R II
Greetings to eRepublikans

First of all, wish you good month and hope you are safe..

After all this bans from Asteria side for exploited the Deployment bug, (check the article: https://www.erepublik.com/en/article/all-temp-banned-accounts-that-exploited-the-deployment-bug-2731200/1/20) many people started spamming a BANANA in the feeds as a protest of how the admins managed the situation with the Deployment bug.

Many of them "called" this bans as unfair way to punish all this players (around +210) for tanking, getting xp in air & ground, farming cc and gold, for FREE. In my opinion, everyone who used the exploit, Multies & Bots (for auto farm) deserves a permanent ban.
This photo show us how deployment bug worked. It needs a specific series to open your boost to start working.

Now, let's go back to Clopoyaur's stream (https://www.twitch.tv/clopoyaur/video/950874555) and watch the interview with iPSiArt.

1) (iPSi) In the first minutes of his interview this guy said "Only the close circle & trusted accounts new about this exploit" (Asteria) & (Hydra)

(What i think) So by my logic all Alliances are not able to learn how this exploit works.. right?

2) (Clopo) You were afraid being something illegal using the exploit?

(iPSi) "The thing was.. we were in a big problem, like most of our countries wiped, we didn't have another choice, it was desperate.. We were using this exploit since November - December 2019.

3) (Clopo) Did you start winning by using the exploit?

(iPSi) Well.... i mean, it was a large thing, a big push forward.

(What i think) So, i understand that many countries like Serbia, Bulgaria & Romania have really strong and active communites, but this does not negate all that has been said above.. right?

4) (Clopo) While using this bug, did you ever think to report it, something going wrong?

(iPSi) I didn't in the first days.. but im sure many people did that..

(What i think) Who knows? Maybe yes, maybe not..

5) (Clopo) Did you personally did it? (reporting the bug)

(iPSi) I don't remeber actually... but i think i didn't..

6) (Clopo) After the bug fixed, what was your feeelings, did you think that you will get banned?

(iPSi) To be fair, i was sure that i will be banned, but we had to bring the balance in the game. When both sides are similar levels it was expected to use it (the exploit). He also said that Admins knew about this bug and after they fixed it, they just banned the accounts.

7) (Clopo) Did you expect that temp bans turned into perma?

(iPSi) Definitely, it wasn't expeted. We were using this bug more than a year..

(What i think) So, while people spending money and getting packs, think they deserve everything in this game?

8 ) (Clopo) Do you think Plato, banned this accounts to restore the balance in terms of forces between the Alliances in the game?

(iPSi) No

9) (Clopo) After this exploit occuried, did you purchase any packs with money?

(iPSi) Yes

iPSi also said that, there's many accounts from the other side that did not get ban, hoping someone used it, while in his first comments reported only the closed circle knew that (Asteria) & (Hydra)

What Plato gives to this unfair players for the 1st of April

To the all other fair players i will say, don't get the bait.. they knew what have done