[Sale] Spring Sale 2021 D4882-84 (02-Apr-2021)

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Dear eRepublikans,
Spring Sale is here!

Start - D4882 - 2nd of April 2021
End - D4884 - 4th of April 2021

Spring Sale Packs

Where: Golds and Extras > Gold store

Available packs in this sale - from XS to XL
Prices are a bit bigger than in the Spring Sale 2020, but also we get more items in them.

We can buy a max amount of 2 per pack (last year was max 3 - for more details see the Sale article from the last year).

And here is the calculation / amount of items in the packs:

Calculation of the cost per item:

Energy Bars x2 sale

Note: be careful if you will buy x2 bars - not to pick the ones which are in the usual offer 😉

Cost per EB in the EBs packs:

Expiry dates

Carrots / Stingers from the pack purchased today (D4882) expire in 15 days (D4897 for those gathered on the D4882)

Energy bars packs (with x2 EBs) don't have an expiry date.

30 percent more offer

There is also 30% more offer for the packs purchased with euros.

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And thanks to Clopo for making this video 😉

That's all, folks 😉

Yours truly,
Fluffy, smiling, and wishing you to have a nice Easter holiday 😉

Rabbit of Caerbannog