eRep Radio Day 4877

Day 4,877, 07:25 Published in USA Chile by Wilker Nath

Hey all!

These are back.

It's been 111 days since the last one.

Long-time followers will know the drill here.

To participate:
1: Comment on this article with a song you want me to play next time

2: top 3 voted comments are guaranteed to have their songs played in the next article along with 2 other songs of my choice

3: the #1 comment each article wins 5k cc!

due to the lack of votes on previous articles, I'm adding a new rule.
4: the person who votes the most music-link comments on this article will get 1k cc when I publish the next one.

Let's get to it!

Last article

Winner from last time with ONE VOTE! was Thee Dude's suggestion of "Rock of Ages" by Def Leppard. A good one, to be sure.

Since all the other song suggestions had 0 votes each, I'll just pink the runners up myself.
Our second song here is a suggestion from Shiloh13: "You're So Beautiful" by Emigrate. This is my first time hearing both the song and the band, I'll call it a positive listening experience.

Third up, we can't stay sway from country music forever! Here's a suggestion from Franz Kaas: Brad Paisley's "There is no I in Beer"

Now it's my turn, lol. What genre should I turn to for a song that I can force upon all of your ears? I think first up I'll go with my favorite product of the Harlem Renaissance: The Ink Spots, with a classic folk song "Mama Don't 'Low no Swingin' in Here"

That looks like ole' Dipper-Lip with his big bass fiddle!

And for the fifth song of this article, I'll turn it over to something that most people can enjoy, here's a bit of classic rock for you, AC/DC with "You Shook Me All Night Long"

As an added bonus, I saw Gaia Data link this video on an article recently. Yeah, I know it's Cro music and he probably thought it was a good dig at us getting friendlier with the Serbs, but tbh, music is music. This song has a decent sound to it, it's the kind of music that's good for putting on in the background while you multi-task on something.
So here it is, a song title and band name that I have to copy/paste: TONČI HULJIĆ & MADRE BADESSA BAND FT. PETAR GRAŠO - "PROVIDENCA"

So there we have it! Enjoy the music, folks! Till next time!

Stay jazzy!