Help Chris Jonadicus

Day 4,869, 12:12 Published in Switzerland Switzerland by tef1

Dear Patriots,

It is with the utmost sadness and regrets I inform you that our dear friend and a patriot player in the eLand - the honorable Chris Jonadicus needs a major help.

He is just got diagnosed with the anti-Tef1 syndrome - a rare but dangerous infectious disorder.

Though he has almost always shown some symptoms of this disorder,our dear friend has deteriorated in the past few months.

I believe as the person whose name reflect the disorder, it is my responsibility to help those infected such as my dear friend Chris Jonadicus so if you are able please help him out in any ways you are able.

Please seek immediate professional help if you feel sudden urge to inject baseless attacks against Tef1, or have an urgency to disassociate yourself with Tef1 or if you suddenly believe all false lies about Tef1.

I wish Chris Jonadicus and everyone else who may be affected a very good health. We are in it together. Please be strong.