The Russian Campaign

Day 4,869, 05:59 Published in Turkey Turkey by MightAndMagic

So much misinformation, troll and media work including RL propaganda lurks in my friend feed. I felt the need to say a few words to my friends.

We ended the boycott and came back to game after a year and the first thing we got is an embargo law to a dead-wiped country for a year. We tried to vote it down by getting immidiate contact, our croatian friends tried to talk to russian government to vote it down. Despite our efforts, the embargo law passed.

We don't have quite a cheerful past with Russians. Many times they blocked us around the map using their training wars with Asterians and ruined our military campaigns, hiding under neutrality flag. What can you do with a neutral country? They don't let you pass, they block the way, and you turn back home with hours of wasted time on military planning. And you suck it up just because you don't want them to go to "the other side".

Moreover, eternal russian MoFA nimnul keep saying Russia is an ally of Asteria in every chance he gets. But some of russians are also friends of CODE countries. Basically, they are sitting on both chair and shaping according to situation like jelly tots.

This campaign is meant to end this so called "neutrality". If eRussia wants to be neutral, they shouldn't cut our way around the map, they shouldn't embargo any country. Basically, they should be an irrelevant country. That's what neutrality truely is; Being irrelevant to anyone and to any side.

We will keep our campaign open as long as we see Russia as a jelly tot. We respect if they choose a side. We respect if they become neutral as in its' true meaning. But we won't let them abuse their neutrality anymore.

Im aware that many of you have companies in eRussia, as Turks also had. As long as this war is open, you might have problem with your production. I doubt eRussia will be a stable country once again. That's why, I suggest you to move your companies to more friendly countries. A few options are listed below;

For weapon industry;
Croatia (full bonus)
Thailand (soon to be full)

For food industry;
Croatia (full bonus)
France (full bonus)
Pakistan (full bonus)
Bosnia (soon to be full)

**Keep in mind that you can not WAM in countries you have training war with