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Dual accounts
I read an interesting article asking if we can register our pets as referrals, so i inquired a bit about it.
The husband cannot report the wife or the wife of the husband as a referral if they are in the same household, but the pet can, so my suggestion is that the wife report the husband as a horse, the husband the wife as a chicken ....
Also to my knowledge here is a list of the most profitable pets (they bring the most gold as referrals):
pterodactil 50 gold
dinosaur 50 gold
gorilla 22,5 gold
rabbit (flying rabbits are not included)5 gold
mouse 2,5 gold
Some of the animals on the list are endangered, some are banned by law, so Plato reserves the right to a permanent ban (probably depending on which country you are from.
You can buy the long-extinct ones in Plato's shop
wife, husband

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NOTE: pigs are not as profitable as referrals because unfortunately they are played too much by eRep