eCyprus National MU

Day 4,856, 03:54 Published in Cyprus Cyprus by Mst Splinter

Dear panpas,

I will go straight to the point.

This game has its ups and downs.

During these times eCyprus stays strong, mainly because of the few tanks that play here and can afford packs and heavy tanking.


There are many accounts still alive. Some of them are two clickers, some more active, some have lost their motive in this game.

The problem is that everyone has its own group of friends.

Doctor kara & Squadron, the Frenchiots, Tsoglan & Mich3langelo, Mithrantir & Two Towers, iNCi, karsasim dudullu, our lovely panpa depici, our kanki exdop jr, the KING OF GOATS, our Slav friend, alaloum bloom bloom, our abi Cortex, kankim Allah , who have stayed in the game and many more.

THERE IS NO REASON for all of us who still play the game to play separately from each other with no fun and no help.

We need to come closer, co-operate, meet each other and have as much fun as possible during our time here.

My proposal is to make one Military Unit common for every and each of us, supported by the government with state money, to help weaker players to have fun too.

Please share your ideas in comment and let me know if you would like to participate it. It's time to play altogether and have fun! Turks, Kurts, Greeks, Baguettes, everyone is welcome.

This was eCyprus spirit and this must remain.