eNorth Korean National Lottery

Day 4,855, 09:14 Published in North Korea Cyprus by Vincent Pain

Fellow eRepublicans

I am delighted to present to you the first North Korean national lottery. You can win the jackpot every week. The size of the jackpot depends on the number of players and sponsors.

Would you like to become a sponsor? Then as a reward you will receive a photo with your avatar or else of your choice and your name processed in it. Your name will also be included in the upcoming lotteries. The minimum sponsor amount is 5000CC

Here is how it works:
When you endorse this article for 100cc, you will have a number allocated to you in order of endorsement.

Next sunday, we will use the random number generator 'random.org' and select a number. The winner will take 100% of the pot.


The competition is open to all players of the New World. Share share share

This weeks sponsors

-Avrukh 15.000CC

-Isabel Zendal 10.000CC

-Casey Jones 10.000CC

- Vincent Pain for 5000CC

- Joshua Morriseau