[MoFA] UK Part eleventy hundred

Day 4,855, 04:54 Published in Ireland Ireland by Irish Foreign Ministry

It was only one short week ago when the nation was enjoying a relative period of peace and its citizenry were happily farming the lands in our series of stable training wars home and abroad.

As the world was reeling from the impact of the Perma and Temp bans handed out as Plato showed a new determination to wield the banhammer our iniquitous neighbours were laying their plans and in defiance of the peace treaty that ended the last clash they had precipitated, they eschewed said treaty and launched their assault.

Despite the nation being on a “No RL cash for Packs” boycott the eternal enemy was once again repelled.

With the signals from the UK now turning from exultation & confidence when they led 56-21 to ones of “not our fault guvnor!” & “honest mistake” post defeat, The Irish government took the pretty evident view that the UK was once more in anarchy and called on its fighters to observe a 24 hour pause on expanding operations or undertaking action that impacted other nations.

Despite the bizarre cries from the UK that our act of clemency was a direct threat and ultimatum, an attempt at negotiations was undertaken and whilst much time was wasted waiting for the UK to decide exactly who was in charge of the UK in the absence of her CP a proposal was tabled by the UK.

In return for their aggression and inability to keep to agreements, they proposed that we returned Northern Ireland to them and agree to impose on our players a ‘battlefield code’ that they had shown themselves wholly unable to manage and police themselves. In return for this we could be friends!

Ireland took a less ‘cheeky’ approach and proposed the establishment of a buffer zone between the two islands we occupy and by removing the ability to physically interact with each other we could remove the temptation from the UK to be shifty gits whenever they got bored. We also declined to put in writing anything that had no gameplay mechanism to observe and control as it was doubtful that the UK had the requisite energy or managerial skills to hold up its end of such agreements.

Despite the UK MoFA being heavily involved in framing this new agreement and stating that he would himself would agree and advocate for it – The UK rejected this treaty

So where does that leave us?

Well, through a series of lucky breaks and co-incidences we have managed to establish the buffer zone we wanted with the UK (albeit rather further forward then planned) as our forces with the assistance of her allies was able to reach the ‘red line’.

Everything beyond that line is claimed by other nations either for farming or resource reasons and we thus have or will shortly have no more direct contact with those rascals.

With the ascension of new CP’s in the Irish and British nations that are either more hardline or culpable in the breakdown of previous good relations, coupled with the ‘adventurous’ starting point that the UK believes we should begin talks at……………..it seems we are at rather an impasse and the situation can best be described as a stalemate, although one we are happy with as the UK is now at least two steps removed from our core regions.