Country President Elections & the Victory انتخابات رئيس الدولة والنصر

Day 4,854, 07:21 Published in Egypt Egypt by B I T E R II

Greetings to beautiful Egypt! Day 4,854

With this article, I declare my candidacy as President of the country and its governance by worthy executives in order to ensure stability and recovery in both the economic and military part.

First of all, i would like to thank pammaxoc for the initiative he took as President of the Strong Egypt Party to support me in this election.

One of the reasons I decided to make this effort is the critical international developments that have emerged recently between CODE and Asteria/Pro-Asteria. The Egypt has always been a country that was holding the reins firmly between these two poles with a neutral attitude and seriousness.

The Government is divided into 5 sectors, where we will catch each one separately.

Prime Minister:
Will take over diamas4, a great friend where he went through the Presidency chair last month and is available to support me throughout this period.

Minister of Defense - President of the Strong Egypt Party:
Will take over pammaxoc an extremely experienced Minister who has been in this position many times and is able to elaborate as well as propose solutions for the security of our country. In addition, in the field of Defense it is very likely that there will be the creation of a State Unit that will be subsidized by the Government to support young or weak active citizens for their personal development. Until this program is implemented, it will be possible to provide Food, Weapons and Raw Materials assistance to the Strong Egypt Party.
Minister of Foreign Affairs - Vice President of the Strong Egypt Party:
Will take over Chevalier because of his vast experience on this piece. It is perhaps the most critical area at this time, due to recent developments and unrest on the war map in recent days. He will be responsible for the Mutual Protection Pact (if any) and relations between the States at the diplomatic level.
Governor/Minister of Finance - Advisor to the Strong Egypt Party:
Will take over capetan Pagiotas and he will be responsible for the country's finances. It has the responsibility and supervision of the State Treasury and the taxation of the citizens (within a reasonable framework). I have been in contact with him, about the amount of benefits that will be given to the citizens.
Minister of Education:
Will take over Wadera Ka Beta and he will be responsible for educating and guiding young citizens in their first steps. There is no doubt that he is the right person for the right education, because of his origin. Egypt needs new citizens and that is why we will invest in Education.

I would also like to point out that Egypt currently has 4 Training Wars with Israel, Spain, Saudi Arabia and Cyprus. Let me emphasize that we are in an open position to accept one last Educational War. These Educational Wars are provided to the Citizens of Egypt in order to develop their personal accounts. In this post, I would like to thank all the Presidents of these Countries for the excellent cooperation we have so far.

CreepyRazor - CP of Israel 🇮🇱
Jangotat - CP of Spain 🇪🇸
Donald John Trump - CP of Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦
D0n4t3ll0 - Dictator of Cyprus 🇨🇾
Iosy DeadMan - CP of Nigeria 🇳🇬 (Day 4,861)
Nerx - CP of Australia 🇦🇺 (Day 4,867)

In the first time of History, Egypt has 6 TW's.

In our ambitions are to provide our available resources through trade agreements and our goal is to remain neutral and self-sustaining. Egypt's economy is based on the trade-off arrangements we have made during the Resource Wars event. It is not very big but every day we strive for the best.

Resources that conceded to other countries:
🇨🇺 Cuba Fish (Upper Egypt)
🇨🇺 Cuba Fruits (Upper Egypt)
🇯🇵 Japan ➨ 🇭🇷 Croatia Deer (Upper Egypt)
🇱🇹 Lithuania Rubber (Red Sea Coast)
🇳🇱 Netherlands Neodymium (Western Desert)
🇮🇳 India Magnesium (Western Desert)

In the end of the article, i would like to notice that the Citizens of the Egypt will be able to get noticed in live time in the Feeds of the Country and the Telegram group 5 basic things:
- Battle Scores
- Walls status
- Priorities
- Empty Divisions
- Notifications when a new round starts, so we can order new hits.
Day 4,856

After my Elections victory with 56% against Ahmed Mahmoud Ali with 44% I decided to make a Giveaway to eRepublikans.

- 1 Winner will receive x49 Game Tokens:
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