Message to Asteria

Day 4,854, 06:47 Published in USA USA by Gnilraps

Wake Up!

To the member nations of the Asteria alliance:

Greetings, brothers and sisters in arms!

Most of you know me.

In years gone by, I was one of the many highly active citizens in eUSA. I dealt my damage in opposition to you and I spent my terms in office enacting policies designed to frustrate you. More recently we’ve become allies, and I want to remind you why.

eUSA, for all its faults, is a very active community of passionate gamers. We are smart - our game-mechanics are as good as anyone else’s in the eWorld. Consider this: we’ve maintained a large number of training wars in our cores for over 9 months now, and almost all of the little mistakes have been made by our TW partners. We are a solid nation.

We may be fickle, but we are damned good.

It has always been our desire to play eRepublik with allies who are also passionate and good. You remember what happened. Our frustrating time with CODE ended when most of them quit on us just as we were being invaded by you. They can say all they want about it, but the message they sent was clear, “We don’t care.

Think about that.

What was eUSA’s motivation to court our allianceship with you? We wanted to play with hard core gamers who wouldn’t quit when things got crappy.

That is who we believe you are. We think of Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, Iran, Portugal, Peru, and our friends in Apollo with high regard.

We do not think you are quitters. We are not quitters either. That’s why I am writing this appeal to you.

The entire world understands what has transpired these past few weeks. Big deal. It’s a game and we move on.

So let’s do just that. Let’s move on. Let’s pick up the pieces of scattered pride. Let’s double our efforts to coordinate for the future, and let’s play this game together.

Just as soon as you do, you will find eUSA standing ready and eager to go to war.

Easy Company Militia Officer
506 Party Leadership